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The LLP is a formal structure with a prerequisite of a written partnership agreement and generally comes with annual reporting requirements depending on your legal jurisdiction, term and conditions levied. A limited partnership – Partnership in which one partner acts autonomous and has most of the liability and the other partners doesn’t have much say but has a financial stake. The advantage of an LLP is that, the ability to bring in and drop out partners on necessary scenarios. Limited liabilities partnerships are distinct from limited partnerships in some countries, which may allow all LLP partners to have limited liability, while a limited partnership may require at least one unlimited partner and allow others to assume the role of a passive and limited liability investor. As a result, in these countries, the LLP is more suited for businesses in which all investors wish to take an active role in management.


  • Limited Liabilities Agreement
  • Signature of Business Partners
  • Pan Card with ROC Payment
  • Business Name & Approval Document
  • GST Filling with Accounting Software


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