What is Trademark Registration? Documents and Fee Requirements

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark is very Valuable for any business or brand in India. Any type of business that wants to secure the company’s brand name and the logo has to register a trademark in India. Trademark Registry provides protection under their own trademark category on each brand name with the trademark.
There are 45 Trademark Classes where you can trademark your brand name in the sector form that is specific to your company and where you want to protect your brand name and trade name. Note, if you want to protect your design or idea or product or service, you can go to the Register of Patents or if you want to protect the design you can go to the Registry of Copyright.

Why Your Business Need Trademark Registration?

List of benefits and reasons for filing the brand name as trademark in India

  • Secure your brand or company name so competitors can’t use a similar brand name.
  • To protect your company brand name so other companies can’t use your brand name without your permission.
  • It helps you to secure your existing customer by showing a fake similar brand name.
  • If you are an internet-based startup then it gives you protection on the Domain Name like www.abc.com etc.
  • If you are selling the products on the e-commerce website such as Flipkart or Amazon or pay etc then it gives you different identities between other sellers.
  • It helps you to register a private limited company with the same brand name.

Online Trademark Registration

Trademark Registry has its own specific govt website to simplify the registration of the online trademark. They have a standard procedure for filing a trademark, but it’s difficult if you are not aware of the laws of Trademark Class or Trade name and Electronic Signature, etc. In that case, we at MyOnlineauditors Helps you to get done your Trademark Registration at the lowest cost with the Trademark Govt Certified Attorney.

Benefits of the Online over Offline Trademark Registration

  •  Get the Trademark registration done online at Low Fees.
  • No need to visit any govt office for inquiry.
  • In online easy to find application status.
  • Easily to change or resubmit application of the trademark in online
  • Trademark Certificate Online can download easily
  • Preparation of the Trademark Search Report.

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Fee for Trademark Registration

There are 2 types of Fees for trademark registration :

  • Government Fee: It is 4500/-INR the same for the One Class of trademark. This contains the logo’s trade name. So always pick the right type of trademark before filing.
  • Registered Trademark Attorney Fee: it’s very professional. You always have to file your trademark with the registered trademark attorney. if we are talking about the market price then professionals are charge nearby 2000/- to 3000 INR for the same.

Required Documents for Trademark Registration

  • Pan Card Copy of the Person| Company Name.
  • For Address Proof like Aadhar Card Copy or Voter id or Passport etc.
  • Trademark Authority Letter
  • Registration certification if you have on the company name.

Information Required for Trademark Registration

Some important information required for the Trademark Registration

  1. Applicant Name – You may register as an individual or as a Pvt ltd either LLP or as a corporation or company name.
  2. Business Type – Mention the type of business as a trader or manufacturer or service provider.
  3. Business nature – You have to mention the information about the products or services. Trademark registration always depends on the class so you have to choose a proper class as per your business services.
  4. Company Name or brand – have to mention your Brand Name which is using to provide services.
  5. Logo (Optional) – If you have any logo of the company then you can provide image formate(png or jpeg ) of the logo during the trademark registration.
  6. Official Communication Address -Provide the communication address which can be used to communicate with the govt official letter or any other things.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Increasing the business trust – If you run a new business and your brand name & logo protect with Trademark word then it provides you more brand value & trust between customers.

File a complaint against any Competitors  – If you have some awesome unique business and other competitors are try to copy your brand identity or selling duplicate things on your name, then you can stop them by trademark registry.

File a complaint against any rivals -If you have some incredible unique business and other companies are trying to copy your brand identity and offer similar products on your name you could simply stop them by registering the company.

Protect your identity of the brand –Trademark registration gives you a unique identity for your company, so if you have a lot of items under your label, it gives you a unique identity for all your goods because of trademark registration. With Ex HUL, P&G has several products, but both HUL and P&G are their own company’s names, thereby granting them exclusive brand identities.

Digital Assets Protection – Trademark registration also requires the logo to protect the domain name. So let’s say that if you have a domain extension such as.in (for Indian domain) you can also limit the use of another extension such as.comor.org or.pk, etc. on the grounds of a trademark. In the end, it also preserves the company’s digital assets.

Working as the company’s PR – In the start to use before the brand name and company name, Trademark Registration includes a TM term so it also serves as a client Marketing device. Whether you’re publishing a newspaper advertisement or digital marketing project or any other, the logo still shows the TM term so it provides a larger picture for your business between the customer and acts as a PR.

Online ECommerce Portal helps –Trademark registration offers you to initial temporary protection, so if you are a new eCommerce business that wants to sell the products on Flipkart or Amazon, etc., these companies will always ask the sellers for a trademark registration certificate.

Protection of the Brand – If your company becomes a worldwide success in the future, then the brand can give you more leverage to grow your business around the globe. So you can also file the trademark in other countries and raise your likelihood recognition as you already have a trademark licensed in India. Different vise versa the trademark may be licensed in India by a foreigner.

Trademark Registration Process

The registration process of the trademark is now electronic in India. And you didn’t need to enter some registered trademark agency. Only fill out the online application with the help of a Licensed Trademark lawyer with the Indian government.

The process to Register an Online Trademark Registration

1.Initial Registration Process for Trademark Registration in India

  • Prepare basic documents and tag logo for the registration of the mark.
  • Register with Government Payment the TM Application Form & add a digital signature to your designated trademark lawyer
  • Pay the Government fee through debit card or net banking.
  •  the final acknowledgment receipt and use “TM” before your brand name.

2.Trademark Registration examination Report

Now following 3-12 months after filing the application, the Trademark Registry Office is examining the trade name & logo in accordance with the trademark act. Instead, if a concern is presented, the department must file an opposition statement and provide evidence of the documentation for the response to the complaint.

3.Trademark Publication

Upon the response to the above notice of objection the registry of trademarks is pleased with the reply then the trademark is issued and the brand name is advertised in the trademark journal of India.

4. Opposition on Trademark Registration

If your other person or company has an objection to the trademark then he can file an objection with the authorities again from the four months after the release of the trademark.

5.Final Trademark Registration Certificate

Where no one else files an opposition with the respective trademark, the authority has issued a final Trademark Registration Certificate valid for 10 years from the date of registration.

Brand or Logo or Trademark Registration are the Same?

Yes, such words are typically for the filing of trademarks only. The registration of the name and logo is equal to the registration of the trademark. So once you have the certificate of the trademark, your brand and logo are both registered for the same.

Type of Trademark Symbols

R Symbol of the Trademark  – This applies to the permanent logo and brand name protection Only after obtaining the final trademark registration certificate can you apply this symbol on your logo.

™ Symbol of the Trademark  – Just after the trademark application has been received, you may continue this logo. It also refers to the label that is not registered. It only alerts others about the icon and brand name duplication.

Can I Register ourself Trademark Registration Online

No, it’s required the strong in the trademark law or act. You have to know about the trademark class & their knowledge about the categories. Besides this, the digital signature (DSC) is required. Even trademark registry appointed registered trademark attorney and agent so if you take help from them then you will receive benefits such as a subsidy in govt fee & trademark consultation.

How MyOnlineauditor Helps us for Trademark Registration Online

We know that when an entrepreneur starts a business in India, it’s very difficult to get done all the legal tasks so quickly at the lowest cost so we at MyOnlineauditor Brings technology-driven platform where you can get Online Trademark Registration at fingertips. We have some of the best Trademark Attorney across India who charges the lowest professional fee.

Difference between Trademark or Logo or Brand Registration?

We talk about the Brand Registration or Logo Registration then it’s equal to the trademark registration, people are always confused with the terms brand or logo registration but it is not different from Trademark Registration.

What is the Trademark Class?

There is 45 Class in the Trademark Act, So you have to choose the right trademark class as per your product. For example – myonlineauditor is a leading legal service provider company that deals in trademark registration & other legal services so we have to Choose the legal services sector in the trademark class which is 45 related to legal & security services.
 summary of the Trademark Class.

Trademark Search in India

Good trademark attorney also offers the trademark application to your search report before filing Because if you do not choose the proper brand name or class there is a chance that your request will be rejected for the same intent.

A trademark search can be done in 2 steps –

  1. the official Trademark registry site

2. Insert your brand name & choose the proper class so you will get the results with a similar brand or logo.

Just note the Trademark attorney has authorized agent login on the govt website so that they can quickly search and prepare the report using their expert knowledge so that the trademark attorney just has the trademark search report done.

 Objection For Trademark Registration Process?

Trademark objection is raised if you submit a trademark application after you have obtained the complaint from your rivals or other similar company or product using that term. Govt officer often sends the opposition statement on the use of the brand name or any other justification relevant to your company name or logo by definition.

 Renew Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is valid for 10 years so you need to update the validity of the trademark afterward. Before the expiry of 6 months, anyone can request for the renewal of the trademark. You then only have to pay the government to approve a renewal fee for the trademark.

The FAQ for Trademark Registration Online

 1. How to Find Good Trademark name for the business?

While you are starting your first business then you have to must research your brand name. You have to check out that the brand name is already available or not or use by any other company or not. Even you have to check out the domain name is available for the same. You can find here about how to do a brand search in India.

2. What are the features of the Trademark

  1.  Unique Brand Identity
  2. Secure or Protect your Brand Name
  3. Increase your truth authority

3. Who is qualified for the Trademark Registration?

Trademark can be registered by any person, even foreigner can register the trademark in India.

4. Who can take the benefits from the Registered Trademark?

Trademark owner or individual or sole proprietor takes the benefits from the trademark registration. They can easily sell trademark value to the buyer party for the same.

5. Correction or Changes are possible in Trademark application after Filings?

it’s possible. If you are filing Trademark Online with myonlineauditor then you can do it change or correction on a later stage by submitting a correction trademark form for the same.

6. Trademark register can remove the trademark from the registry?

Yes, they are an appointment to maintain the trademark registrar. So if your trademark is not qualified with the govt terms or not getting any reply on the report then yes they can remove the trademark or cancel it.

7. What is the important thing in a Trademark application?

Brand name word or logo and Class is the most important factor in the trademark application. So we have to take concentrate on this before filing the trademark application.

8. Is the logo includes in the trademark registration?

Yes, the logo or tag line is included in the trademark registration but the design is not registered with the trademark. For the Design, you have to require the Copyright Registration.

9. Protection of domain name is possible with the Online Trademark Registration?

Yes, it’s possible to protect the domain name with the Trademark Registration.

10. Can I transfer my trademark to another person or company?

Yes, it’s possible when there are merge & acquisition, most companies are paying for trademark only. So you can sell your trademark to another person or company for the same.

11. Can I use my Home or Residential address to Register my Trademark?

Yes, you can use any address for the Trademark Registration. There is no issue.

12. How to Check Trademark Application Status Online?

Indian Govt Registry Website & insert your class & trade name, you will get the status online on your screen.

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