This is information about the place of supply. In Today’s GST era there is a lot of impact for a place of the supply. It will decide where Bill To and Ship To.

Bill TO Ship TO in GST

  1. Bill To – Address of the customer where the invoice has to be raised.
  2. Ship To – Address of the customer where the delivery of the goods or service is made.

As per the GST Act, the charge of the type of GST would depend on the location of the supplier of service or goods and the location of the recipient of the service or goods.

The location of the supplier is in Karnataka and also billing address of the customer is in Karnataka and the shipping address of the receipt is Karnataka then only SGST and CGST are applicable.

You might be thinking about how billing addresses and supply addresses may be different. For eg. – The customer headquarter is in Karnataka but the factory location is indifferent places. Sometimes it happens the customer wants to deliver the goods to his customer place. i.e…, the bill to address and supply address might be different.

These are all points are very important when we will do an invoice for Bill To and Ship To address.

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